Saturday, June 16, 2007


Offspring is about

* David (Day, made in Spain on the island of Fuerteventura and born April 2004)
* Jody (Jo, made in Singapore somewhere in Upper East Coast and born March 2006) and
* Luanne (Lu, made in Sydney's Blue Mountains and born March 2008) as seen through their mother’s eyes.

If you don’t like kids, you will be bored to death.

I write the blog for them when they grow up, for their father KK, and for myself because half the things I wrote two years ago I have forgotten.

If there’s anyone else who enjoys reading about the minutae of our lives, that’s nice!

In the bigger scheme of things, here’s a family timeline, from the time I started the blog.

* 2004 November 2: The day I left my job as a newspaper journalist (probably forever) to be a full-time mum

* 2006 March 20: Jody was born

* 2006 July 17: We upped and left for Sydney so KK could do his Master’s degree, and that’s when the blog became “Offspring in Oz – When a penniless impractical mum who can’t cook or clean carts her baby and toddler down under”

* 2007 July 3: We return to Singapore

* 2008 March 18: Lulu was born

* 2009 July 13: We move into our first Family Home

* 2015 March: KK starts his Professional Engineering consultancy, KK Geo

* 2017 Dec 3: I close the blog


Anonymous said...

just noting that you missed Lulu's name at the top after #3. :)

anne said...

hi shermaine,

i have a pretty photo of jody taken during sophie's party in school. would you like to have soft copy of it? look for me on facebook if you'd like to take a look.


Anonymous said...


Its a strange feeling to see someone who was once a little girl, now a mother of three.

How time flies.

Congratulations, and may happiness be with you, always.

From a once upon a time green blocker

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to be a St Nicholas Girl? Some of your childhood photos look awfully familiar! :) Denise