Wednesday, April 08, 2009

boob stocking


Five bras have lasted me for the last five years, all Arabella Bs from Deb's store Maternity Exchange.

The other day I reluctantly had to dump one of my beloved Arabella Bs - my very first one, the white-turned-grey one with the almost-falling-off strap and the indefatigable elastic which had finally come loose after years of almost-daily use. I had literally worn it to shreds.

My breast friend, my boob stocking.

I wish I could get more. Only Arabella B (based in the UK) has stopped production (it wasn't popular with the Caucasian women, presumably because it's probably too filmsy for bigger folks).

For mums, trying to get a good bra really sucks.

For one, there are nursing bras and then there are nursing bras. I went through some horrible ones (Mothercare ones being the worst of the lot) and in the early days with Day, I used a nursing bra with cups that could be unfastened, but it looked awfully crumpled under a T-shirt.

Then Deb came to the rescue with her imported Arabella Bs, which were pricey considering that the bra looks like a Bee-Dees training bra and folds as small as a panty, but was worth every cent.

For another, normal non-nursing bras don't fit. The boob boosters have got their ads right: Children do do horrible things to women's boobs.

Although the doctors all say that it's pregnancy and not breastfeeding per se which causes sagging and volume loss (such that the top of the boob looks like a cliff instead of a nice dome which refuses to nicely fill up a normal bra cup), I'm not quite convinced. I suspect breastfeeding is really the culprit.

Anyway, it's probably time for me to head straight back to Maternity Exchange to find a new breast friend. Probably imported because the best nursing bras are all from overseas anyway. I hear there are some Japanese ones for smaller women.

And once I stop breastfeeding forever in 6 months time (that's my 18-month deadline for Lu and why forever? Because I'll have no more kids!), I can't wait to see if I can shop from normal shops like Women's Secret or whatever. (see I don't even know)


Alison and Angeline said...

Glad you enjoyed those bras! I still have mine and still wearing them! Hey, the new MEV knitted bras would be perfect for you now. Something like the Arabella B ones but with padding so your breasts have shape. It's great for smaller bosoms. Go check it out here at
For those who need more support, you'd like the sassybax at Incredible support!

The MEV bras may not be as durable as the Arabella B ones( those were superior!) but at $29.90 each or $50 for 2, it's a damn good buy lor.:)

Sher said...

hello! see u at the shop soon haha. and really must drop by to see the girls.

Midori said...

aiyah, now i want arabella b's! why you nv early say?

anyway, i've been living in my mark & sparks nursing bras, even though i haven't breast-fed for two years. cannot go back to normal, uncomfortable underwire ones already. those teeny sexy bras you see in women's secret etc? ho kua, bo ho jiak... :)

The Chengs said...

Why? I could wear Women's Secrets bras with no problem after finally deciding after years of breastfeeding to get myself proper bras. I loved their underwired tube bras. And they do have quite a few styles of bras for smaller cups. Quite "ho kua" & did it's job well !

Anonymous said...

I am on the other end of the boob spectrum and I found it hard to find good nursing bras too. I had to make do with Mothercare ones since they are one of the few brands in Singapore that actually carry my size.