Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1000 posts

( Blog was closed on 3 Dec 2017) 

… and it’s still fun!

What’s the readership?

According to site meter, 359 visits and 615 page views a day. I’m not sure what that means exactly. I also don’t exactly know who is reading, and how they get here.

In November 2004, it was only me, KK and Theresa reading! And it was Theresa was left the first comment on my first post: “…Hmmm wonder how long you will maintain the blog?”

Why not make money from this?

Five years on and I have never veered: The blog is meant for KK, me and the kids (and whoever else drops in) to enjoy, like a family mag / photo album. Ads clog up the blog. Ads irritate me. Ads corrupt the intention of my blog. That said, let me cover my own backside: Never say never.

How long do I take to blog?

Writing, five to 20 minutes, maybe longer if it’s about an issue, but I seldom do issues because I don’t want to think too much. Photos, five minutes. It’s all very fast because I find the kids rather newsworthy and I usually know exactly what I want to blog about. In the course of the day, something might strike, I take the relevant photo, by the time I sit down at the computer it all spills out.

Usually, I don’t even sit down to blog with a purpose. Blogging is my Time Out from onerous writing jobs, when I’m just so fed-up with trying to write an intro to an article I turn to writing a blog post to make myself happy. It’s become an enjoyable habit, like reading while eating.

Ever got into trouble from the blog?

Just once, recently, and it was KK I got into hot water. I wrote about his worksite, the head honcho of his company’s client saw it (maybe because I put in a link to worksite), I had to pull out the post with all the photos of the uncompleted site.

Ever been recognized?

Just once or twice. Once someone came up to me at the pool and said: “Hey that’s Jody! I recognize her from the blog!”

That said, I hate talking about the blog when I meet people face-to-face. When a friend goes… “Oh! I enjoy your blog!...” I tend to go “Eh don’t talk about the blog.” It embarrasses me.

Will I go on forever?

No. I will stop if I get sick of it, if I or the kids ever feel threatened, if the kids reach the age when they want me to stop dissecting them in public.

Why do I still enjoy blogging?

I heard someone say once that she puts up beautiful laughing pictures of her children on the wall. Whenever she gets royally pissed off or a bit depressed, she takes a deep breath, looks at the pictures, grits her teeth and says: “They are a blessing. They are a blessing. They are a blessing.”

This blog is my happy picture.

What different blog layouts have you used?






Jayna said...

Hi Sher, I came across your blog from another site recently and have been visiting frequently. I like your writing:) It resonates with me probably because I have kids too and I am also moving soon. Keep writing!

Lihui said...

Congrats Sher! 5 years is an amazing achievement and testament to commitment, passion and writing talent.
I started reading Offspring when Lu and Buppy were incubating. It was the "ke na sai" entry that got me hooked;)
I often wonder what adventures Sher, Day, Dee(I know I'm suppose to call her Judy) and Lu are up to, and I drop in for a visit. I never know what's in store but it's always honest, often thought provoking, and usually damn funny.
For a desk bound corporate rat mum, your blog is my slice of Singapore Pie and Wisteria Lane.
...... This is the Readers Give Back entry......

Yve said...

Thank you for blogging. Yours is one of my daily reads. I share your sentiments (except that I don't write for a living - thank goodness!).

I look forward to your posts right up to the 2000th and beyond.

danie said...

I really love your honesty and appreciate how you share your views of everyday life with the kids.

Makes me enjoy my little girl so much more! To many posts beyond- cheers*

ahbubu said...

i'm probably that stranger whom u met at the nsrcc pool? i chanced upon ur performance at my fren's wedding ...goes to show how big is Singapore ya...i think our gals are of abt the same age ..Mar 06 and Apr 08 babes :) maybe that's why i can relate very much to ur inputs :)

katiemom said...

I'm fessing up. I read your blog, but I don't know you. Got it off a blogroll from What to do. I'm a kaypoh and I think your kids are as cute as a button. I've got a blog too, so if you're interested, it's I've restricted it recently, so if you want access, you can email me. :)

rachel said...

congrats on the 1000th post!

well, am glad you started the blog & that you are continuing to write.
i rem it was your post about playing sleeping possum with day during bedtime that struck a chord with me; i was doing the same thing with isaac & thot i was the only mother who would do something like that. :)

here's to more posts.

ZM said...

Hi Shermaine, Zhiming here. Not sure whether u remember me. Was in Leo Club with you at TJ so many moons ago. Got introduced to your blog by KC and Pearlyn and from your blog, got into Bridgette's as well as Dawn's blogs as well(Dawn's husband was my TJ classmate).

Your blog has been a superb read so far. Caught a glimpse of your entire family at Siglap a few months ago and it was actually quite surreal to actually see them in person rather than on the blog.

Thanks for your blogging efforts and PLEASE CONTINUE!

dot said...

congratulations! as long as you keep blogging, i will keep reading.

Serene said...

U ve one avid reader here! been "following" u guys for 2-3 yrs already.... :)

weestories said...

Five years! I've given up a few times, locked up a few times, but I always go back because it's a record of our lives - the good, bad and ugly.

Sher said...

yes i remember u locking it up and then re-starting it. u've been at it even longer rite? blogging's a habit!! but a good one, i think!

Anonymous said...

Are u the shermaine who used to write for young parents?

I am jenny from bay*supplies. Do u rem me?

I tink I recognise u from the pic. But just to be sure.

Can drop me an email and we keep in touch! (

I also have 3 kids now. The age of our kids almost the same!