Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Souvenir photo booths these days are really fun. Or maybe I’m just really slow.

To take a commemorative photo, you don’t just stand in front of a fake backdrop anymore, or stick your face through a hole in a piece of painted plywood.

No. Your face gets super-imposed on an image onscreen, sized properly, and the photo is sent to you via e-mail.

How cool is that?

See KK?

MEMA Digital Dress-up

The booth was one of the many fun stops at the neglected Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium (Aquarium not open yet) next to Universal Studios.


I played a gig there first. And I was fascinated by the bobbing Oriental lion head fixed to the bow of a life-sized replica of Zheng He’s vessel, with flashing red eyes and emanating smoke from its nostrils whenever the introductory movie came on.


I had to drag the kids there. I dragged KK along.

Plagued with trepidation – I didn’t know what else to expect apart from the lion head – I feared it would suck. And I, the one who always wants to try the new, would have to bear all responsibility.

But it was fab. For $20 in total ($6 for adults and $4 for kids above 4) it was great value-for-money.


* It’s very, very kid-friendly with loads of corners for colouring, making Chinese junks out of paper and interactive computer terminals which actually work.


* The price includes admission to a Typhoon Theatre movie depicting a war ship wrecked in battle, complete with mist and lightning, which terrified Jo and Lu so much they left in tears.

* When we went, there were no crowds, which is crucial to me. (We went on a weekday, though, during the December school hols)

* The queue for tickets

* KK and Jo watching the introductory movie and the lion head on a field of empty beanbag seats

* It has a great shop with loads of stuff which make great presents. Like simple foam ship-building sets.

* The museum is along a sunlit walkway overlooking the shops below

* Life-size cross section of Zheng He's ship. Jo and Lu in bottom left-hand corner.


tumbleweed in space said...

when we went, there were quite a lot of people! it was a Saturday of course. last year October. and Val WAS petrified by the show, refused to go close! LOL

Sher said...

oh there were crowds?! it was super empty when we went!! and everything looked very pristine and unused. not like science centre etc..

jo and lu were petrified. but bec the rest of us went in they were compelled to follow.