Friday, July 06, 2012

gardens anniversary

My idea of a perfect day: I ask KK if we can cycle to the new Gardens by the Bay.

He takes an off-day and away we go for our anniversary party.


Along the beach, through Tanjong Rhu, across Gardens by the Bay East, the Marina Barrage, and we are there. Just 45 minutes!

Walking around, KK gives me the perfect insider perspective.

“Wah lau, having to do these panels gave us hell.” (because they have to press the shapes into the concrete)


“That entire (green) cliff behind you is made of geo-foam”. Geo-foam, being an ultra-light ultra-strong foam-like material which was used to create entire hills and mounds in favour of soil, which would have been too heavy for the reclaimed land which the Gardens sit on.


“Those are plant sculptures”. Really? I couldn’t tell if he hadn’t pointed it out.

* King Kong

“The bridge is suspended with hundreds of cables. They are very strong,” he says in response when I say the bridge is shaking rather scarily in the strong wind.


“Wah, beautiful flowers!” Which isn’t really insider but he wasn’t involved in the flower aspects.


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