Friday, November 16, 2012


Fridays are Lazy its-the-end-of-the-week(!) days.

Nothing much happens basically.

Sometimes we go to my folks for a change of scenery.

If home, I have to cook lunch and that is only possible if I didn't have to go out for appointments in the morning.

* Pasta, ham (the convenient meat) and watermelon juice

Today, no one likes my pasta tossed in Bovril (I love Bovril!). Instead I have to boil their share of pasta in chicken soup - basically water with chicken stock from a bottle. (I am never prepared for lunch)

Sometimes, Day makes himself and his sisters a pot of instant noodles. If it’s that kind of junk they want, I don’t disallow it, but I refuse to cook it for them.

Then it’s Discovery Hour(s) from the time they get home, for the entire afternoon. They tear the house apart. In between, Day gets school work done, they play the piano and what not.

Maybe I nap (while the house unravels around me). Fridays are the days when no one really bugs me. It’s like all the editors and clients are already in weekend mode.

Me too. Fridays, I really don’t want to cook.

For dinner inspiration, I sometimes turn to my stack of index cards where I write down things I have cooked. Complete with ticks and crosses for who liked or didn’t like each dish.


Any dish which cannot fit onto one side of a single index card – ingredients and cooking process - doesn’t suit me. It’s got to be dead simple and quick.

The fastest and easiest way today is the fool-proof beehoon or tang hoon salad, another one-dish meal. Its fool-proof as in its a tick for everyone. Boil here, fry there, mix and pour in a lime juice-fish sauce-sugar dressing. Chilli on the side for the adults. 

The kids have two helpings each. Its a very clean-tasting appetizer-type dish and isn't very filling. Jo in particular is a huge, huge fan, I don't know why.


Post-dinner, I take off with Lu for her piano class.

It’s her only one-on-one time with me. She is a happy camper.

* Shopping at the supermarket after class for biscuits for Jo. Lu is a sweetie.

Home, everybody is still awake. Fridays, I am too relaxed to hustle everyone in to bed.

I just do my own thing in front of the computer. Which results in everybody sleeping at 10pm-ish or 11.

(In this routines series, I suddenly realize just how much of my time is spent on bloody cooking. My God.)

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