Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Of late, Lu has been growing.

Well of course they grow all the time, but she was always a tiny one. A frail wisp who left half the food on her plate. A sai-sai lup always at the mercy of Jo who would grab her from behind and whirl her around like a (small) sack of rice. The true baby of the family.

Suddenly she decided to start eating, which has led to miniscule but definite gains in strength.

Why? Who can say?

Suddenly, she reincarnated her cycling attempts which used to be lembek at best. She never could really push down the pedals.

Now she can. She can move the tricycle!

She cycled out of the compound on the road to the nearby playground!


She never stopped! We saw a coupon-ed snail!


But sadly, the tricycle has to retire soon. It’s been good to us.


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