Saturday, February 02, 2013

quiet hotel

On the anniversary of the day we registered our marriage 11 years ago, we celebrated in style: Life-size pink and purple puppets in red hats blew streams of bubbles as our guests walked down steps strewn with rose petals, to a long white table tied with golden bows set by a forest pool reflecting the golden sunset.


We wish!

We were but plebians looking over the wall at the birthday party of a socialite named Coco who made her entrance to (why!?) Gangnam Style.



It was our anniversary and we were at a hotel on Sentosa, I decided we should go there because it has an enchanted fairy ambience and every time I head there for a gig it is incredibly empty. Yes, in Singapore one must know how to seek the quiet.

* A very 'exclusive' lift lobby where the lifts never open

We brought the kids.

* Dinner in a very 'exclusive' restaurant

Apart from the $9 parking and a $120 dinner bill for dishes like $26 char kway teow and glorified roast pork (my excuse is I really wanted to try this Iberico pork thingy which I keep writing about, but how come it’s like siu yoke?), it’s all good.

* The Iberico pork belly thingy

All is quiet, the guests are very well-behaved (I hope we were, too), the only noise-makers are bold peacocks which look you in the eye.


The forest pool, which I fantasize about swimming in (but can’t because I’m really careful about the skin these days), is dark at night but the kids wade in anyway. 

* Just before it gets dark

Day dives in to retrieve round pebbles from the bottom of the pool and passes it to the girls to lay out. 


The kids are the only ones in the pool at night, they are all creeped out by the eerie light and ambience, but they all want to go back. It’s terribly exotic.

* Moon-bathing 

KK says perhaps we can pack a picnic bag if we ever go back. Yes it requires a tough hide to waltz into a very high class hotel and bring holey towels from home for a swim in the pool, but heck.

* A view worth $9. Or not...


Anonymous said...

$9 to get away from the hustle and bustle is cheap

Sher said...

if we took a bus it'd even be cheaper!! (but i think i'd be pai seh about free-loading on the facilities... not being a guest and not even dining!)

Karmeleon said...

Oh, we stayed there overnight for our 20th anniversary a few months ago . It was totally free... Redeem from some credit card points. Really great place !

Sher said...

totally free! thats great!