Thursday, February 14, 2013


It’s another cold night in a long series, my feet are icy.

I remember Chinese New Year as always being incredibly hot, it’s been so cold this year.

My stomach is cold too, I just came back from orchestra rehearsal to cold 11pm dinner of congealed chicken curry, cold hard brown rice and a cup of leftover herbal tea from the fridge.

Lulu is just behind on the floor, where she now sleeps, the only child with the privilege of sleeping in her parent’s room.

The barley for tomorrow’s breakfast is on the stove. Once it’s done I’m turning off the flame and retiring to bed with my 8 Days.

Now I’m just surfing the Internet and wasting time blogging. It’s a nice work lull. Nobody is chasing me for anything.

Oh its Valentine's Day! The moment I came back with the car from rehearsal, my partner took over the still-warm car seat and shot off for solo midnight bowling.

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Anonymous said...

cold is good! Jun