Sunday, March 24, 2013

holiday trio

It’s the end of the March holidays. Finally.

Every holiday before, it used to be just Day, alone, while I cart the two girls off to childcare. It was just mornings, but it was nice.

Now Jo joins in the holiday fray and it seems really unkind to march Lu off to school alone.

So the trio are underfoot all day long, for nine days in a row. We go out every day. It's kind of hard to stay at home.

* Gardens by the Bay's Easter Egg Hunt

I could get used to it.

For a moment I imagine: What if I were to home-school them and they are with me, day in and day out?

It’s possible while they are still young and I think I can manage the primary school curriculum (don't know about heuristics and the Chinese though). 

It’s probably quite rewarding. We could do the whole chores – values – academic work – going-out-every-day thing.

But then I’d have to stop my freelancing.

Nah. I need to have something I can do after they grow up and abandon me.

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