Saturday, May 11, 2013

difficult clients

It’s increasingly difficult to blog about the kids.

Unlike last time when I had tons of photos and plenty of material, I often find myself with nothing. I mentioned it before, but this post focuses more on how they have changed.

One, It’s really, really, really hard to take photos of the kids these days. The moment I whip out the camera and start pointing, every one of them respond to the lens in an undesirable manner.

Day either stops whatever he is doing and poses…


… or he tries to spoil the photo.


Jo, who is sharpest of the three (in that her feelers go up the minute my camera comes out) demands to view and approve every single photo in which she has a presence, no matter how tiny (it could be just her head in a tiny corner).

I have had many arguments with her, in which she insists that I delete perfectly good photos (of which she is not even the subject) because she is not smiling or her side-ponytail is not showing or she just doesn’t look nice.

* All-checked and approved: Side-ponytail, jacket, pose, smile (with no teeth showing)

Lu is at the stage where she just runs away from the camera. All the time.

* Must zoom and "catch" her

Nobody can just ignore me and act natural, which is what they used to do as babies and toddlers, and which is what I really want.

Two, they are increasingly anal about how they appear in public.

I take lovely videos and everybody makes me swear I will not put it up on Youtube, even though it shows them doing perfectly nice safe boring things.

I have to ask for permission and seek clearance. And if they say no, of course I abandon the idea.

In other words, it’s really a lot of extra work just to put up a blog post which I am really enthusiastic about.

I cannot help but parallel this with the clients I work with.

When they trust and respect me to do a good job, I do. I get passionate about it, because I know I can. And I know more than they do about how people will respond to what I write.

But when they get anal and controlling and overly-cautious, alamak. What can I do?

I also realize something else: Even if the kids don't want me to blog, I still want to blog and I get frustrated when I cannot get any material from them.

Because I enjoy the unfettered writing too much. I've mentioned before, its become a habit. And even if the kids move on, I can't.


Anonymous said...

your readers too! (can't move on that is :P)

Sher said...

i can't imagine what i'd write abt if the kids wanted me to stop altogether.

maybe i'd write about myself and myself and nothing but myself. gosh wldnt tt be interesting..