Thursday, August 22, 2013

jo's career choice

Guess what the perfectionist fussy demanding middle child wants to be?

(Personally I have always thought she would make a great auditor. But no that's not her choice.)

Of all the jobs she current knows of in her tiny world view, she wants to be a teacher.

It’s the only thing she has ever wanted to be.

First she was positively inspired by her kindergarten teachers who were kind, loving and good.

Then she was negatively inspired by her Primary 1 art teacher who was unreasonable, shouty and a nightmare.

“Mama… mama… tomorrow is Thursday,” she’d sob every Wednesday night. “I have art class. What if I don’t finish my colouring on time? Teacher will shout at me. What if I talk during class? Teacher will punish me. What if I don’t know what to do? Teacher will scold me for asking stupid questions.

“I want to be a good Art teacher next time, I will be kind to all my students.”

Well, a push is a push, good or bad.

(thankfully her Art teacher has since been changed to a nice lady. Jo used to get sleepless nights on Wednesdays)

She still plays school fervently with Lulu, who makes up her entire class (Lulu’s name is Lily in the class) along with imaginary Ethan.

* Lulu's desk, chair and bag

Only nowadays she has introduced a daily schedule (with time for teaching of singing, snack time, quiet reading) and a curriculum with a file of worksheets.

* This could be PE

She loves coming up with worksheets for Lulu – they centre around counting, matching and drilling - and marking them.



* This one's not done yet. I think Lily (not Lulu) is supposed to read and then circle the correct answer. Funny how her correct answers must be on the left.

To my great joy (because it makes my life easier and to be honest, I am nowhere near as good), she really can teach. Occasionally shouty, yes, but patient and persistent and very anal about the details (like pronunciation), Lulu has learnt a lot of things from her.

I think there's something in Jo which fundamentally relishes getting others to do things right.

Of course Lulu cheerfully plays along. Jo acting as a teacher (she calls herself Teacher Charlotte) is far more loving and nurturing than Jo as a sister.

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