Tuesday, September 23, 2014

$350 free?

The other day a courier drops three big and one smaller parcel at mum’s.

The three big were heavy hardcover books published by Reader’s Digest (RD): A World Atlas (I think it weighed about 5kg), A Sharp Brain for Life, and Stitchopedia (it teaches you how to sew).


The smaller one contained a set of nice-looking rings.


My antennae shot up. No one at home would order these things.

The kids tore them open anyway. Then Day squealed: IT’S MY ORDERS!

Oh no. His WHAT?

Then I dimly remember helping him to post a letter. He had gotten all excited about what appeared to be some RD junk mail about lucky draws and winning money and whatnot, and had dutifully assembled the return letter, which I posted for him.

Turns out there was a checklist of books and items on which he had ticked off his wants. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to get sent the items, without first paying for them.

I panicked. Day was very put out: It’s FREE what, Mama. There’s no need to get all worried.

I huffed: Day, some things in life are free but I’m sure these books are not one of them.

Eventually, I finally managed to find the invoices, stuck on the fronts of the boxes. Total: $350. The atlas was $100, and I think the rings cost a little more. (Day cannot tell me why he bought the rings, although he did explain Stitchopedia – "I wanted to learn how to sew")

I called RD. They said: Oh don’t worry you can just return the books back to us.

Which is exactly what I’ll have to do. RD makes it so easy and attractive even a child would order items which of course his parents won’t have to pay for, except in terms of time, petrol and sheer bother delivering the items back to Paya Lebar.

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francesca said...

The rings are nice. Lol. You can shop at Amazon and get free international shipping to sg if your order is over usd125.