Friday, September 05, 2014


Lovely class-less Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. These are blank-page days on which we can scribble anything we want.

Fridays are our beloved Library Days. The library has grown in appeal over the years as we now all do our own thing. I go the 1st and 3rd floor (adults), Day goes to the Mezzanine floor (young adults) and the girls head to the 2nd floor (kids). I am unmolested and free to browse for a very long time. In the library, Jo is Lu’s ‘mummy’. She reads to her and helps her to select books while I disappear somewhere.



In the long space of time, they keep on adding books and we end up with a pile which I have to lug in my bag. 

* Bending over sideways to counter-balance the books

* The heavy pile

I have paid many a library fine – maybe one a month – because I am unable to locate a stray book or two out of the 20 or so, but for what we get out of the library, I supposed we can live with it.

Books borrowed, we still head to the mama shop. Management has changed; instead of the bald old man with the beard, it’s now run by a very young tired mum whose two very young kids hang out, play, drink milk from a bottle and sleep on a mat on the floor of the mama shop.


The kids still buy strange sweets which I veer away from. (the latest is hideous strips of sugary jelly rolled into a scotch-tape-like roll which they slowly unfurl and chew off)

Then we head straight to my folks for My Break.

* Delicious dinner of more than one or two dishes, cooked by someone else ie mum's helper Jai

* Their favourite Dinner-in-front-of-the-TV moment


Dawn said...

Haha..I can fully identify with you looking at the mountain of books and lugging it. That's why I chose to go on Sundays to library when my hubby can go with us and help with the bag. But that would mean sacrificing my me-time in the library as CT doesn't want to stay too long in there. Oh well..cant have best of both worlds.

Anonymous said...

You found the book!

The library looks great! Maybe I should bring my daughter there too when we get back next summer.

Hai Wei

Sher said...

dawn: hahah in my case i'd rather lug it. kk doesnt like library at all. he only reads engineering textbooks.

haiwei: yes i DID!!!! thanks for the recommendation!

Bernice said...

Hello! I have been following your blog for a while now, and I'm guessing that was Marine Parade library? It used to be my favourite haunt too, my dad would bring me every week and I have fond memories of going through the children's and young adult section. Glad to see your family does this too!

Sher said...

yup, u got it!