Monday, September 29, 2014

girls' decor tastes

On the new room. I didn’t let the girls dicate the basic colours, because they wanted something like a hot pink bed and yellow walls.

But once I had my way with the whites and grays and dark browns, I let them loose in Ikea to colour their room.

This is what they chose.

Lu, like an arrow shot from a bow, went straight for the colourful hearts without looking at anything else. This is how she always makes her bed, with her blue bunny Lily perched on her pillow.


Jo, classically indecisive, was torn. She wanted to follow Lu, then she didn't, then she did, then she didn't. Then she wanted to pick something similar to match Lu, but couldn't find anything. Finally, after I explained for the nth time that there are no boundaries, she picked... something pink. She always makes her bed with her little pink pig, Pilla, who she always covers with a blue blanket (spectacle wipe).


This is Lu's table (still nice and neat because she hasn't started Primary 1).


This is Jo's table (it will always be nice and neat because she screams at anyone who dares to lay anything, or touch and leave grubby fingerprints, on her table).



Manic Mummy said...

Hello Sher! So nice running into you and your family at the supermarket that day. I see your kids' photos on your blog so much, it was a bit surreal seeing them in 'real life'. :) Love the girls' new room! And super envious of your very nice parquet flooring (mine's horribly horribly scratched).

Sher said...

hey, nice seeing u too, your hair has grown!

i think my floor's scratched but cannot really see from photo...

looking forward to your BOOK ok!!! i'm pre-booking one copy!!!