Thursday, September 25, 2014

mall wall

We stumbled on a climbing wall in a mall.

The intention was to check out the Sports Hub. And we did.

* Nice new seats

* The jogging track outside the stadium

* Taken our picture? Happy now?

But as with any hot day (and it has been hot and hazy) we ultimately sought air-conditioned shelter which came in the form of a glass door leading off from Gate 3 of the new stadium, which led to a bank of escalators going down, and with each storey we went down it got cooler and cooler. (cold air sinks?)

(It’s the new Kallang Wave Mall which features the usual mindless selection of Harvey Norman, Uniqlo, Starbucks and such)

Then Day spotted the climbing wall. Touted as the highest indoor air-conditioned climbing wall in Singapore, it’s rather fascinating.


Fleshy butts squeezed by harnesses are amply displayed at close range for shoppers on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. Parts of the wall were so close the girls and I could theoretically stand on each floor and pass Day a bottle to swig from or a muffin to eat.

Luckily, despite the close proximity, I don’t think the climbers smell or sweat as much because of the aircon.


Day, chomping at the bit, hung out and made six or seven climbs, with KK as his bored stiff-necked belayer. Post-climb it was KK who suffered a stitch in the neck from looking up for so long, like so:


While the girls and I – because it’s a mall – walked around, stuffed our faces with free popcorn and cotton candy, and occasionally popped back to view the climbers like they were animals in a cage (The girls refused to climb)


Interesting concept, the wall in the mall.

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