Monday, September 01, 2014


(Our daily, minute, cheong-hei, occasionally confusing routines once again, because as blah as it is, once Lu starts primary school next year it will all change.)

Mondays are bitter-sweet. Sweet because everyone is fresh from the weekend rest, bitter because no one looks forward to school or work.

630am I wake Day and Jo. I have gotten used to waking up at 630am for the past two years. On occasion when I work very late the night before and I sleep through the alarm, no one wakes up. The morning call responsibility rests heavily on my skinny shoulders.

* Cornflakes for Day and Nutella bread for Jo (milk makes her tummy churn), the Easy Breakfast

I make Jo's lunchbox. That routine is unfortunately alive and kicking.

* Always something nugget-y on Mondays because no marketing was done over the weekend

The duo get their pocket money for the week, $10 for Day, $5 for Jo ($1 a day because she gets a lunchbox).

* Jo's Yakult wallet

They dress themselves, brush their teeth, comb and tie their own hair (YES! Jo has been TRAINED!), get their own bags ready.


By 7am, we're downstairs waiting for Auntie Ah Quiong and Yi Shen in the car. Day always reads in the car. I have been the school chaffeur for the past two years, ever since Jo started school and KK could not ferry two kids.


Once they're at school, I return home to wrap my arms around Lulu to sleep for another hour...


... which inevitable turns into 90 minutes because I need sleep. By the time I wake Lu up its her school reporting time. She is always 30 minutes late for school.

* Empty, everyone's gone in

Free, I usually squeeze all the personal business I need to do into the next precious four hours. Meet clients, conduct interviews, do housework, do laundry, finish articles, exercise (skip at home), practise music, run errands.

Mondays is my one exercise indulgence: Yoga at the Community Centre.


And if there's no work, its followed by my favourite breakfast routine. And then more work.

* Favourite: Toast (Barbie plate) and teh tarik (Batman cup) with a book. Teh tarik must be Lipton brand

130pm I pick Jo up from school. Day has soccer in school. Me and her alone, she is at her best. I enjoy her company thoroughly. Then I drop her off at the gym, for her two-hour session.


On the way back, I pick Lu up from school. Me and Lu alone, she is at her best too. She loves TV, more than her siblings, and when I have work I let her watch to her heart's content.

* Current fav: The Wolf Children

But I usually can't get much work done because soon its time to hop up again and drive, this time to bring Day home...

* Sometimes he walks but when he's tired with a lot of homework, he summons the chaffeur

... and then Jo home.

By this time I'm exhausted from chaffeuring. Dinner is usually a one-pot affair.


Post-dinner, I nag them to bathe, nag them to finish their homework, nag them to practise their piano, nag them to brush teeth, nag them to read books, nag them to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really busy day to me! SAHM definitely do not have it easy! Maybe worse than us FTWM coz at least we can sneak breaks throughout the work day. :p

Ona side note, I am happy to see that Jo also only bring a dollar to school each day. My gal in P2 kept saying $1 is too little and she is 1of the 'poorest' among her classmates. She too brings a lunchbox to school. Haha

Sher said...

but to me, i still think FTWM is more challenging. especially FTWM with no helpers or grandparents help. they're truly super.

Lysithea said...

Actually you're not considered SAHM since you are actually working part time! That's truly super!

Anonymous said...

FTWM with no help indeed are the truly super ones! They are like in a league of their own!

Anonymous said...

love posts like these!

Dawn said...

Wow..the pot of vermicelli looks great!

Sher said...

but its such boring humdrum stuff...

dawn: the vermicelli is nice yes, but 1 hour later everyone is hungry again!!! (too 'clean')