Thursday, September 11, 2014

mr mum

Last weekend was not routine.

I left them to fly overseas for a gig. I was away from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Did I miss them?

No. I had a smartphone!

Streams of Whatsapp messages flew back and forth between Singapore and Medan, I took pictures of the hotel, they took pictures of what they were doing, they made little 10 second Whatsapp voice recordings telling me they missed me. I was very tickled.

The one child who was doing the most Whatsapping by far was Jo. Even when KK couldn’t be bothered, she clung on to the phone (it seemed that way to me) and sent me her streams of consciousness with loads of smileys. I was 'talking' to her 80 percent of the time.

* Building sandcastles on Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon was appropriately dedicated to a father-and-child bonding activity organized by their primary school. It was apt because mum was out of the country and there KK was, with not just one but the entire trio. He did an admirable job of keeping them entertained the entire weekend.

* Er a wefie (I think that's what its called?) by KK and Whatsapped to me

(Therefore, I think I probably enjoyed myself more than KK)

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