Saturday, September 06, 2014


Nothing happens on Saturdays.

There used to be some roller-blading, some swimming. But that has all stopped. (the roller-blading because Day lost interest, the swimming because mum’s condo management got nasty and barred all non-residents from the premises entirely. Which means the kids are very happy because they don't see Desmond anymore)

Mostly, Saturdays are Sleep In and Eat Out days if I don’t plan anything.

The Saturday I take pictures is one such day.

Morning, we walk out for roti prata.

* Please don't ever close down...


Afternoon, we head out for Hokkien Mee.

* The girls running out to the car. They are typically the slowest to get ready and come down to the car (sometimes we sit for 10 minutes or more in the car) and on occasion, impatient KK moves off so they have to run to catch up 



Night, we packed in a carrot cake.


And that’s followed by Movie Night. Or Movie Evening in this case as KK had a Manchester United match to catch.


I don’t think we did much else!


Dawn said...

Oh..just went to your link about your previous swimming post (because the name, Desmond caught my eye as I have a friend who coaches with that name) and yes, lo and behold, it is him..

Knew him from my swimming days but he did not directly teach me before. Nothing much to comment about him. Haha..Guess he is just someone who can produce results because of his experience.

Sher said...

your FRIEND?! u mean he's our contemporary? i thot he was slightly older... anyway we've stopped cos we'd have to sneak into another condo and the timing also doesnt quite suit.