Sunday, September 07, 2014


Sundays are days to spend with KK’s side of the family.

If they go to their paternal Grandparents, I still get my day off.

More often than not, however, everyone - including me - congregate at Liyen’s.


My days-off are therefore fewer now, but I have no qualms about going along because I love Liyen. Babies transform families, and not just the immediate but also the extended.

* Bathtub boat

Hours fly by when we are with Liyen. She makes me laugh so hard. I never got how people wanted to hang out with my kids when they were younger because they found them cute (Sure I found my kids cute myself but why would anyone who is not the mum feel the same way?)

* Sipping from Day's packet drink when he's not around

Now I get it. Plus my kids ain’t cute anymore, hence Liyen’s added appeal.


Sunday is also Finish Homework day (usually in the evening), to start off another Monday.

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