Friday, September 05, 2014


Thursday is music day. All three have piano lessons, with two different teachers. Strange situation but there you have it.

Mornings are when my blessing comes in the form of Jai, who cleans our house once a week. She does the toilets, changes the bed sheets, sweeps and mops the floor (yes this is only done once a week).


Afternoons are pretty much standard except I make them practice.

At this point, if I were to ever meet a music prodigy, I would not look at the child but I would look up his or her mother and say, in awe – Wow, you did such a great job! Because apart from the very, very rare case, it really does come down to mum.

Earlier in the year, I resolved to sit down with Day and Jo for 30 minutes every day, in an attempt to get them used to the routine of practice, to show them how to practice productively, and to show them that they are capable of playing beyond what they think they can if they only practised. The value, after all, does apply to everything else in life.

But. After five months or so, I faltered. See, I utterly HATED it. I hate teaching, I hate doing it every day, and I especially hated teaching my own children (especially music) because it doesn’t take much for the anger to bloom. I cannot imagine doing this for a year or more.

Did the routine catch on? No.

So we go back to practising on the day of music lesson itself, and if I’m lucky, they practise 1 or 2 other days in the week.

* The death stare

Someone asked if they will they learn a second instrument? Are you bloody kidding me?

6pm, I bring both Jo and Lu for class with Ms Mona. Meticulous and structured, she teaches using the Suzuki method and her approach fits Jo to a tee. You know, going through the dynamics of every note and poring over fingering and pressure and such.

* Mona and Jo

* The Suzuki bow. Mona's lessons require the parent to be there throughout

At around the same time, Day heads upstairs for class with Jess, who remains ever easy-going and fun. Day genuinely likes his piano teacher as a friend.


Anonymous said...

Great to know that lulu is back doing music! So i guess she doesn't like the yamaha way of teaching? If so, there's hope for my boy! He's lulu's age and refuses to participate in his yamaha class so i am thinkingmaybe he should stop and try going to a 1 to 1 teacher or give up music completely. :p

Karmeleon said...

My youngest has been doing Suzuki piano ever since he started just before 3yrs old. I like it. And yes, they do that bow at the beginning at end of every lesson. and at the end

His violin teacher was suzuki too in method, but never did practise the bowing unlike my elder son's suzuki teacher. Maybe that's why my son always used to bully that violin teacher. HAHAHAH.

Karmeleon said...

I forgot to mention about FATHERS! Where my youngest does violin now, there are quite a number of fathers (even grandfathers) who sit in lessons and supervise the kids' daily practices! I'm amazed! The mothers have it easy! I half-wish my husband would do it! I believe he would offer a less explosive atmosphere compared to my style!

francesca said...

My number 2 started music wonderland and stopped midway thru jmc book 1. Now she said she wanna go back. I'm contemplating getting a teacher to our house to teach her. But she said "I can't see my friends and no air con" ....

Sher said...

no, its not tt lu din like the yamaha way. i think she wasnt ready.

karmeleon: i learnt my violin the suzuki method too. :)
very seldom i see fathers. glad there's a group of dads who take an interest in their kids' enrichment pursuits.

francesca: haha your #2 is funny. but its awful how they blow hot and cold. i never know if they mean it when they say they dont want to learn anymore.

Karmeleon said...

Do you find the Suzuki Piano curriculum a little unusual? :D My boy is doing Book 3 Suzuki Piano now. So working out those somewhat tricky Sonatinas.

For violin, he's still doing pieces from Suzuki violin books, but his teacher certainly is not teaching it Suzuki Method lah.

Sher said...

suzuki: no i think the spirit of the curriculum is actually v v good, very likely to produce excellent musicians if its followed thru.

but most times, its modified by the teachers here to suit the times, like which mum will hv the time to sit down with the child every day to practise?? and listen to CD everyday? etc etc...

Karmeleon said...

I do run the music through everyday in our car trips. I don't put on CD at home. I think I don't have a workable CD player at home. hahahha. So when the little one is playing around or doing other stuff, I might sometimes run a prepared Youtube Playlist from my laptop to let him listen. I edit this playlist according to what he is to be listening to in the recent past, present and near future. LOL.

Sue said...

Hi, do you mind sharing your teacher Mona's contact? Thanks :)

Sher said...

hey sorry it took so long, can u email me at