Wednesday, September 03, 2014


While Mondays and Tuesdays are crammed with classes, it starts to ease from Wednesday.

These are bo-liao days for doing nothing, as only Day has Chinese tuition.

Back from school, Day routinely avoids what I cook. He lives for Instant Noodles. He saves it for the occasions when he asks me – What are we having for lunch, mum? -  and if he doesn’t like the answer he boils water and whips out his precious packet.

* Always looking for extras to add 'oomph' to his noodles. This time its an egg and a sausage.


I don’t stop him. If he’s resourceful enough to request for instant noodles from other people (like my sister-in-law) to store at home because I never buy it, as long as he prepares it himself, as long he is aware of all the evils of instant noodles, I’m fine.

* Our lunch table. It's not as if nuggets, peas and sunny-side egg are very healthy (that's what I cooked), but that's how much Day loves his instant noodles. There's junk and then there's JUNK.

Some days, when there is little or no homework (yes of course there are days in the week like that, maybe 2, or even 3 in a good week!), they read after lunch.


I fetch Lu from school.

Then I fetch Day to tuition.

Meanwhile, the girls potter around at home playing their favourite make-believe games.


I fetch Day back from tuition and there’s plenty of energy to put some love into the cooking.

* Salmon and butter

Sometime during or after dinner, their papa comes back from work. Papa hasn’t been mentioned in the routines, because he only comes back at night.

* KK still cycles to and from work several days a week

The official dishwasher washes up, plonks his laptop onto the kitchen table (its much neater than our official work desk) and starts doing his work unmolested and undisturbed. (they only ever disturb me) Sometimes the kids wander in for some bonding time with Papa.


9pm is bedtime – on paper. By the time everyone gets in, its 930pm, if we’re lucky. If they do get in on time, I treat them to a bedtime story. I still like reading aloud to them, and funny enough, while Lu is the intended target audience, everyone enjoys it, even Day who likes to ‘do’ the voices in the stories.


More often than not, they are ordered to bed by KK at 10pm and its far too late for bedtime reading. At 10pm I am supposed to start economically-productive work.

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