Monday, October 06, 2014

a turning point

The last few months, in the second half of his Primary 4 year, Day reaches a turning point. Many firsts – and a last – have occurred. The signs:

I get the first unwelcome e-mail and phone call from a teacher.

The homework which has always been effortlessly completed in class piles up.

The grades slide.

He gets a sleep debt.

He (and I after we discuss it) stops piano class. Again . He has not been practicing and there is no longer any love.

* With his piano teacher, Uncle Jess, at his last class

At the same time, he’s started going out with his friends on his own after school for bubble tea, lunch, soccer, whatever. Not often, but its started.

Why the turning point now?

I don’t know. Biology? Hormones? Awareness? Maturity? Puberty? A crazy Maths teacher?

His concerned teacher politely enquires – "Is he facing any issues outside school which has been affecting his performance?" I have to say, no. The family is intact, everybody is healthy, life is exactly the same as it is before.

I think this expression sums it up best. Chin thrust out, mouth rebelliously closed, dead eyes.


He’s suddenly decided that life sucks and he’s not going to give a shit about what he doesn't want to do.

What can we do? We grimly, patiently, lovingly, soldier on.

(Ah, another teacher tells me: Next year is the great jump for all subjects so please prepare him in advance as kids usually can't cope with the Primary 5 workload. Well, how the hell am I supposed to prepare him in advance?)


Anonymous said...

He seems bored. I can forsee my kids being like that in another 2 to 3 years when they are Day's age.

Dee.. said...

education dulls their life!

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering, would it be possible to tighten your strings now a little? Perhaps you have given him freedom and independence a little too early and he might not have been mature enough to handle them but having tasted them, he is asking for more? Just a thought.

Hai Wei

Sher said...

hai wei: yes perhaps..