Sunday, October 26, 2014

about womanhood

For some strange reason, a lot of the talk in the household these days centres around motherhood and pregnancy and sex.

I think it was a library book which started it. Anyway. Once I get going I can’t stop either, and I go on and on.

Typically, Day isn’t very interested. He goes “yee-er, yee, yuck” in a corner except when it involves the male gender in which case the girls go “yee-er, yee, yuck”.

The girls are goggle-eyed and open-mouthed and occasionally lapse into fits of hilarity which they can’t control. The biology is so out-of-this-world they cannot help but laugh their heads off. Like this:

Jo: What if you give baby milk from a bottle? What happens to the milk in your breasts?
Me: Your breasts will know how to stop producing milk if the baby doesn’t drink.
Jo: You mean my breasts have a brain? Hee hee ha ha! (and off they go for a good 10 minutes pretending they have brains in their breasts)

They probably know too much - especially Day who is surrounded by three females all day long poor chap - but better they know now than be mis-informed later. 

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