Thursday, October 30, 2014

drain change

There was a drain outside their grandparent’s house…

… into which their Gong Gong tumbled into two decades ago while painting the wall and broke his leg.

… into which KK tipped into while on his motorbike nearly 10 years ago and was nearly crushed but thankfully was not.

… in which mosquitoes lay their eggs and cats hid.

… which the kids loved to peer into when they were younger out on nature walks to spot cats and moss and running water.

… which acted as a protective moat of sorts so nobody can could get at the ripe apple mangoes dangling tantalizing over the wall.

Well the drain has disappeared.

* Before

* After

As part of Singapore’s constant strive for infrastructural improvement, the huge V monsoon drain has been covered up and paved over.

It’s a huge exercise involving cranes, orange cones and a brigade of workers who work slowly up and down both sides of the street, hacking and whatnot.


I just thought it was important to document how important that drain was in the scheme of things before.

But I think it’s good that it’s now covered up. We just have to find some way of protecting the precious mangoes.


Anonymous said...

lol. the motorbike was the funniest...Jun

Sher said...

no not funny at all.