Tuesday, October 28, 2014

exams: done

And we’re done!

Day and Jo finish their examinations.

* After-exam treat: Japanese food

It’s apparently an important one, for both of them.

Because Jo next year is ‘streamed’ into a different class depending on her abilities – as evidenced by the exam results.

While Day next year is also ‘streamed’ into a different class depending on his ability specifically in his maths examination. Yes, in this school, they re-sort the 10-year-olds into different classes according to how well they do in maths and only maths. (that explains all the maths homework)

The rationale: Apparently, it is possible to teach a class of students with varying abilities in all subjects, except for maths.

I thought this very odd indeed.


Anonymous said...

Actually, in my daughter's school here in Dubai, all the students will study in their respective classes but when it comes to maths lessons, they will be split into different ability groups. It is quite a standard practice among all the British schools. I suppose it will be a massive exercise if Day's school were to do it since there are about 10 classes in each year group. Over here, there are only 25 students in 3 classes in a year group so it is not difficult for them to move.

Hai Wei

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is not such a bad idea to stream according to maths. In this way, students who are weak in languages will have a fair chance to be in so-called good classes.

Sher said...

oh! had no idea... yes it will be a logistically challenging exercise.