Wednesday, October 08, 2014

lao hua yan

I first realized something was wrong when I was eating my fishball noodles maybe a year or two ago and I couldn’t see it.

Like, my entire life I chopstick some beehoon into the spoon, scoop up some soup and glance over it to make sure an insect didn’t suddenly drown in it; but suddenly I had to pull the spoon further away to check.

Of course its presbyopia or lao hua yan.

I make little adjustments, get used to it, then the next big thing is when I realize I can’t read the street directory (yes I use the street directory still). Sitting in my car, I like to take out the directory, rest it on the steering wheel and find my way around (while parked). But I can no longer see the tiny street names if the directory is on the steering wheel.

I have to put it farther away toward the gear shift and then of course I can’t read the fine print because it’s too far away and its particularly hellish when I am lost at night because its impossible to try and read fine print at night. And so I’ve invested in a bigger-sized street directory.

But how big can it get, right? (well of course I could just use Google Maps or whatever but for now I still want to use my brain when it comes to navigation)

Then I have to get the kids to thread needles for me to replace their uniform buttons, and while they can hold the needle 5cm from their eyes and see the hole, they don't have the skill to draw the thread through.

So I get a pair of lao hua yan specs. For real. Not play play.


It’s the first time in my life I have ever walked into a spectacle shop and the first time I have ever felt better looking through a lens (before when I wear my friend’s specs its always blur). I cannot believe how clear and defined the words on a page look, with the specs. The spec shop lady says: "Wow, people with lao hua yan are getting younger and younger! I can't believe you walked in and said you had lao hua yan!" Well that's a trend story there.

The myth is that people with perfect eyesight tend to succumb to presbyopia earlier. I don’t know if it’s true.

But my lost-distance vision is clearer than ever, corrupted with a negligible bit of astigmatism.

* Sucks


Dee.. said...

Daiso sells long sighted spec for $2!

Sher said...

but wld it be of the right prescription? doesn't it matter?