Saturday, October 18, 2014

parkland green

Something new has sprung up at the East Coast Park.

I drive past the spot all the time and suddenly – as with many areas in Singapore – I realize there is something there which wasn’t there before.

It’s called Parkland Green.

Just across the expressway from the Parkway Parade shopping mall, it was the former Parkland Golf Driving Range, but is now an elegant expanse of long white roofs, stone benches, skylights with trees poking through and a couple of pricey glass-walled restaurants (and the obligatory Starbucks) with a sea view.

* Sea on the left, pardon the bad handphone photos

* $4.20 for a can of Seasons Iced Lemon Tea, which usually costs $1.20 at the coffeeshop

(Parkland Green also faces the yellow lighthouse, known as the Amber Beacon, where a woman was slashed and killed by a gang in May 1990, and where ghostly sightings have been occasionally reported, but I suppose only old fogeys like me will remember that)

I like Parkland Green.

It doesn’t try to manipulate the space too much and people can pretty much do what they want to do on the large green expanse. There is also loads of parking.


On the rainy day we visited, heaps of families which were seeking refuge from the rain laid out their mats under shelter and happily dug into their picnics.



Karmeleon said...

I go there every week. I wish there were drink machines around. LOL. Next time I must remember to bring my own from elsewhere. The lazy me finds the just newly opened Cheers too far from carpark. I usually park near the toilet end bc easily to run off with on our rollerblades.

Huixuan Zhang said...

Which carpark should I go to get to this place? Thank u Sher for introducing this place!

Karmeleon said...

the carpark is just right there? Keep going after the Marine Parade Exit. First carpark on left. If coming out from Marine Parade (still road), turn right, then first carpark on left.

Huixuan Zhang said...