Thursday, October 16, 2014

phone season

It’s phone season around here.

It started with mine.

Then because I got mine, KK got a new one, some newfangled phone with a big screen and a stylus. A Samsung something or other.

And because he got a new one, he gave his old one to Day, with a pre-paid SIM card in it.

This, then, would be Day’s first phone (I’m keeping a leash on it):


* One day this too will be a dinosaur...

I'm not sure how we, in two months, got from a family with just one coveted smartphone which was usually not at home, to three. I think its all my fault. I started it.

It is not a scenario I like because I have always liked that the kids have no smartphones to fiddle with, anywhere. Not eating, not in the car, nowhere. But it is a scenario which has developed and which I now have to manage.

But the one who has really bloomed in the presence of all these phones, is Jo.

She is the Queen of Whatsapp. She Whatsapps her father, her brother, me, using the many phones available.

While I’m at rehearsal, she sends me long reports of what’s happening at home, takes pictures of Lulu prancing around the house, asks me what she’s supposed to do if she can’t finish her food.

In typical tenacious fashion (it translates from real-life into her online persona) she sends me message after message if I don’t reply, lamenting at why I’m not answering. Then she always ends off with a sad selfie. Or two. Or three.



Jo said...

Has she discovered Line? It's got message read status on the messages you send so you know when the other party has not read your message, and just not replied.

Sher said...

no she hasnt discovered. but i'd rather she didn't. imagine her rage when she finds that i DID read the message but din reply!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely hilarious. Sweet moments of motherhood!