Friday, October 10, 2014

renting real estate

Every since the re-development, the girls’ room has become prime real estate. Everyone wants to go there and everyone wants a piece of it, especially KK and Day. They want to sleep on the girls’ beds and use the girls’ tables.

Jo jealously guards her territory. No one can even get near her bed and table (her screams have the same effect as a construction site in progress next to your ear).

Lu tries very hard. She yells, vigorously jabs her fist in the air, flounces around, tries to drag her father or brother away. To no avail. Especially when it comes to her desk. She also tends to give up rather quickly, as if to say – Whatever.

I, like a property agent representing her interests, try to defend her turf. You have no right to her table, I say. It’s hers, it’s not fair, you are encroaching.

So KK has worked out a solution, a solution which I only found out about when I asked Day to clear his things from Lu’s table.

* Lu's messy desk

He said: Oh, papa’s renting out Lulu’s table. He paid her a tube of Mentos yesterday.

Lulu, dear child, is frustrated by how her tenants are using her space, but she is quite happy to accept the terms!


Anonymous said...

What about inculcating the spirit of sharing in your children, rather than letting them have the idea that they must be paid somehow for sharing.
I am sorry if this sounded offensive, but I really don't mean it. I have enjoyed reading your blog for a while, and I believe you have thought through this before and have your reasons for it. Just interested in your point of view! :)
- char

Lysithea said...

Haha ... time to renovate the rest of the rooms!

Anonymous said...

oh dun be anal, Char, it's encouraging entrepreneurship! Lulu will learn wat is business-doing!

sharing, in real world, isn't all roses and honey, Char. the bad will take advantage of it. the good will remember and appreciate. but how many of such in the world? if u have been working in the adult world....

everything has it's good and bad, there's no perfect in the world. they're kids, allow them their fun and transactions!

Ah Fry

Sher said...

char: i'd never "rent" my kid's space! its kk's idea entirely! i dont mind, really. its just a bit of fun, one-off (or maybe two..) not a serious transaction which will continue in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shermaine, thanks for your reply. :) I was genuinely interested in understanding the different perspectives. Not trying to be anal, Ah Fry.