Wednesday, October 22, 2014

strange habits

Funny kids with funny habits.

* Jo and Lu picking out the fat from every bit of meat they eat (chicken, pork, beef, fish) and putting it on my plate.

* Day, Jo and Lu cutting out the yolks from every bit of hard-boiled or sunny-side-up egg they eat and putting it on my plate. I usually throw it away. I hate food waste, but I'm not going to eat four yolks a day.

* Lu picking out her favourite bits from her cereal to save for later, milk-free.


* Lu picking out skin from my and her own rashy bits, even though I keep telling her skin should only drop off on its own and should never be peeled off (she can’t resist, once she sees skin she zooms in and doesn’t let me escape)


* Jo dripping drops from the ends of her just-washed wet hair on my arm for good luck. (these days I state a number and she only drops that number of drops or it’ll be bad luck)

* She drew this on her own arm

* Jo checking through the cup of family toothbrushes and manually cleaning out bits and specks from the bristles. (she always scolds me for having a dirty toothbrush and I tell her, Thank You Jo but I really don't want to hear that you found a big brown thing in my toothbrush, and could you stop doing it? But she still does, sometimes I feel like she's my mother only my own mother wouldn't even do that.)

* And Day, he used to idly flick his long fleshy ear lobes, so loud you could hear it from a few metres away. But he stopped when we told him it was quite distracting.

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