Thursday, November 13, 2014

end of school

The last day of school.

It ends a glorious post-exam fortnight of watching movies in class, hours of sports and games, playing card and board games and generally having fun.

They’ve now got their report books, been sorted and classified, they heave their bags and move to their new classes to see who they’ll be studying with for the next two years.

“A lot of people were crying,” Day reports. “I think they’ll miss their friends”. He, who is rarely bothered by anything apart from his sisters, did not cry and cheerfully moved on. Some of his pals remain with him. Others moved up or down.

* I caught him having a party with his class in the canteen. Aaron and Justin.

* Teachers Mr Seah and Mdm Sharifah

Jo, too, was in a good mood. “My new class is so quiet, not as noisy as this year’s, and there are a lot of girls,” she reports, extremely pleased by the sorting exercise.

Now for six weeks of bliss.


Anonymous said...

Is that Mr Seah the scary math teacher? ;)

Sher said...

yes :) scary but good.