Friday, November 21, 2014

no hk gym competition

Today was when Day and Jo were supposed to have been in Hong Kong gearing up for a gym competition the next day.

Until a month ago, it was all systems go. The two had been gearing up for months. I had slowly but steadily persuaded Jo, week after week, that competition won’t kill her and might in fact be fulfilling even if she doesn’t win.

Then just as I was about to get the air tickets, it turned out we couldn't go, for a multitude of reasons.

We had to back out.

I will never forget the day I had to tell the gym administrators that we were not going to Hong Kong and Jo bursting into tears at my side. Even though I had explained to her in advance why we could not go, hearing me tell the gym people was the final nail in the coffin. She begged me, tugging me to one side hiding the tears in her eyes, to let her go.

It was a bit like watching a plant I had painstakingly nurtured, about to flower, being strangled. Only then did it become clear to me, how successful I had been in converting her stubborn resistance into stubborn enthusiasm. I wanted to cry, for having let her down so badly.

But I was glad, that her attitude could change. It’s a good sign.

Day, as usual, took it all in his stride. OK lor, he said.


Ondine said...

My heart is pain too.

Sher said...

u understand :)