Friday, November 14, 2014

P1 orientation


It’s the little one’s turn now.

Despite all of her reservations about school, she happily cloaks herself in her sister’s cast-offs – I cut off the name tag – and gets ready for Orientation, a day during which she will experience for the first time the Classroom Environment she will be in for many more years.


Hand-holding her is her big sister, who is more excited about Orientation than she is.


Jo has already given her strict instructions on how to pack her bag, what to put in her pencil case, how to buy food, how to make friends.

On Orientation Day, Jo dresses Lu, makes sure the uniform is neat, rolls down her socks, ties her hair and gives her a good luck kiss. I don't need to do a thing.


The sisters stay together during the hour-long session, while I sit in the hall listening to boring speeches about how the children will be taught and graded in English and Maths.

(I am most excited about how my hours of freedom will extend by another two hours next year.)


Anonymous said...

Awwww... Such a sweet big sister! She will make a good mummy next time.

Sher said...

i think she will too. more attentive and careful than me, certainly!

Dawn said...

I am looking forward to the few hours of "me-time" next year too! Have plans to exercise and improve my cooking skills..haha. We'll see!