Monday, November 17, 2014

penang wedding 1

We just went again, for another niece, Wen’s, wedding.

* Wen and Aaron


(Us meaning me and the trio, my folks and my two brothers. KK didn’t go, he preferred to stay home.

Wen’s mother says to me: Thank you so much for coming. She must mean the time and expense to fly for an overseas wedding.

But I am sincere when I tell her, we enjoy it.

As I get older, I like weddings more and more. I like the celebration, the feel-goodness of it, the food and catching up with familiar faces.

And I think this time, we all enjoy ourselves a lot more than the last time.

Because the kids are older, it’s as if I’m travelling with three independent companions. They each carry their own clothes and shoes in their own bag, and I can leave them alone in the hotel room to watch TV as I go do my thing, like go the gym (I did, twice).


Because the kids are older, they are much more open to food and experiences, including squatting toilets of which there are plenty in Penang but which they are expert at by now. They can also walk longer. And stay awake longer without falling asleep on my shoulder which was a real burden.

Because the kids are older, they are more tolerant of other people’s agendas. Mostly, the old ones spent hours and hours catching up, yakking away in Cantonese, but the kids don't mind too much.

* Chilling out in the cool air on top of Penang Hill, the kids and I wandered around the playground and the rest of the hill for ages, waiting for them to stop talking

* More talk talk talk at the hotel poolside

And because Choon comes along (he flew straight from Darwin to Penang), it’s a complete four-day Big Family trip.

* Choon hops on the Singapore-Penang flight

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