Sunday, November 23, 2014

piano opportunity

One door closed, but another one opened.

Because we didn’t go to Hong Kong, the girls got to take part in their piano teacher's student concert.

How did Jo - who fortunately (or unfortunately) does both gym and piano – respond to the news that she’d still get a chance to shine?

She wasn’t pleased: No competition but now there’s a concert? NO! I DON’T WANT TO GO ON STAGE! WHAT IF PEOPLE LAUGH AT ME? WHAT IF I PLAY WRONGLY? I HATE CONCERTS!

She uncharacteristically went so far as to tell teacher Mona No Thanks, I refuse to play in your concert (to no avail).

Likewise, Lulu’s attitude was to flop over and give up. I want to die, Mummy, I’d rather die than go on stage by myself. Can I die now?

Still. Concerts are de rigeur for Ms Mona’s students. It’s part of the Suzuki school of music education which places performance opportunities far above examination.

It’s got something to do with how frequent public performance allows performing to become natural and enjoyable, how the students can observe and learn from one another in a friendly community, how they learn that music should be played for others to enjoy. Something like that.

The girls are very worried. So they work very hard.

On concert day, Lulu doesn’t quite have the stomach for lunch. She crawls to me and clings like a baby monkey to its mother. She wrings her hands and her brows are furrowed. She is terrified.


Jo is somewhat cooler. I think by this time, her worry horizon has diminished but she still frets.

Then something strange happens when the concert starts.

* The starting bow from the new students before the concert starts

The girls, seated with me before their turn, see other children go on stage to play even simpler songs. There are little kids, almost toddlers, who plonk out very slow and labored Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars. Some make mistakes but the applause is just as loud, perhaps even louder. Others play the same song as they do.

* The loving parent audience

Lu starts to grin. Jo whispers: I think I can play better than that, Mummy.

By the time they stride on stage for their turn, they are all ready to show off and can even manage small smiles.

* Lu at the grand

* Jo doing her Suzuki bow

Day in the audience was more restless than anything else, but KK was mightily impressed. He crowed to the girls, you were the best!

In the end they thoroughly enjoyed it, especially when they were given goodie bags with some sweeties.

* Girls (Lu clutching her goodie bag) and Mona

Would they confidently play on stage on future?

I still don’t think so. But we made one small step today.

* The final bow from all performers


Karmeleon said...
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Anonymous said...

Go Jo and Lu!
Is there going to be a video of their performance?

Sher said...

thanks! nope. i was quite far away and while i could zoom in, i cant do anything about the sound.