Saturday, November 29, 2014

pre-school’s over


With this wonderful picture, I say goodbye to pricey pre-school fees forever.

It’s Lu’s turn to graduate from kindergarten.

She’s been going to that same school since she was a foetus in my tummy and I had to walk Day to school. Principal Alexis always waxes lyrical about how she’s seen Lu since I was pregnant with her and now, Lu’s the oldest girl (but still one of the tiniest) there.

I admit, there was a tiny tear in my eye which almost, but did not make it down my cheek as I saw Lu clad in her too-big graduation gown receiving her scroll.

* Alexis and Lu

* Lu, Shannon, Walter, Edward

Yes, I was sentimental about her growing up but on that, I mostly think It’s About Time. The larger nostalgia was on how I have been coming to this same venue for eight years now - excepting one year when we missed the concert - to proudly watch a child perform, and it’s something I will never be able to look forward to again. (we've gotten used to the glitz and glamour, somewhat)

* An annual pilgrimage for eight years

On stage, Lu is all smiles, trying very hard not to accidentally eat up her lipstick, and ignore the gaping hole in the toe of her hand-me down black shoe which split open right at the start of the concert.


More Lu pics:

* As one of the seven Snow White dwarfs (she was asked to be Snow White but she dead refused, she'd rather be a dwarf)



* Trying not to close her lips because of the icky lipstick

Meanwhile, Day and Jo, who have also been coming here for eight years, are backstage hands. There’s alumni power for you.


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