Saturday, November 01, 2014

their first ballet

The first ballet the kids ever see is a world-class one from a German ballet company.



Why they went is because I was lucky to score a gig playing the accompanying music in the pit, and while musicians do not get any ticket discounts, I thought the ballet would be more palatable and interesting (there’s movement!) than the opera which the orchestra just finished.

(And I like my family to be at performances which I am involved in, even if most of the time they yawn and fidget their way through)

They knew it was a big deal.

They have never had Mummy leave them the entire day for rehearsals. Day and Jo had to take a bus straight after school to their grandparents’ for several days and I never saw them until the next morning because I was only home at 11pm, so they knew it was hard, hard work.

* Practice in the Esplanade Recital Studio from 330pm to 1030pm.

* Score and my bag monkey

* Beautiful music fromTchaikovsky

I also took great pains to tell them the story. I didn’t want the family to go in on $150 worth of tickets and not know what’s going on. It was puzzling to them: Na├»ve country girl falls in love with cynical urban gentleman, he rejects her, many years later he then falls in love with the girl who has become a polished married woman but then she rejects him.

Is that all, they ask. I guess they learn that ballet plots don’t necessarily end happily.

So did they like it?

Well, ye-es. What they loved most was hanging over the lip of the highest tier of circle seats (the cheapest lot) and calling me in the pit from three floors up – Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! – during the intervals.

* There they are!


They were also highly amused by the size of the male ballet dancer’s packages, especially those who were wearing light-coloured tights or whose dancing involved some sort of squatting, which I reckon highlights the bulge even more. Lu and Jo couldn't stop giggling.

Otherwise, Day nearly fell asleep, Lulu says she liked everything except the dancing (!) and Jo tentatively said that she enjoyed it. (But I’m not sure whether to believe her or not)

I was dying to see the ballet. It looks spectacular in the photos and Youtube videos.

But the thing about pit musicians is that we are in a pit. We cannot see a thing on stage. My line of vision stops at the chandelier and all I hear is the occasional thump. And sadly, my only glimpse of the ballet dancers is as they waltz in and out of backstage in jeans and shorts, looking for all the world like a bunch of too-beautiful whippet-thin teenagers.

* I can only see the seats


Anonymous said...

Lulu is hilarious!

Sher said...

funny girl. she only liked the action bits when they were duelling or tearing up letters and such. not the dancing.

carrie chong said...

must have been such a wonderful experience - playing for a world class ballet. :)

Sher said...

well the conductor (who tours with the ballet company) was excellent! otherwise, like i said, i really couldn't see a thing...