Tuesday, December 09, 2014

balloon coffin

Lulu had a freebie balloon which burst.

She had unsurprisingly formed an attachment so she cried piteously for a long time.


Then she took a box, put in the balloon scraps, masking-taped it all over and decorated the balloon coffin.

* Apologizing about the pink marker running out of ink

Well. This is Lulu.

And like we know her, she knows me. One side of the box has got nothing to do with the dead balloon, but is especially for my eyes only.



Huixuan Zhang said...

Lulu is so cute! So will u be leaving e balloon coffin until she 4gets abt it?

Anonymous said...

I always love you very much like how I loved my mum

Anonymous said...

wah. grammar police!

Sher said...

i put it in her toy box, it seems v precious to her!