Wednesday, December 03, 2014

business class

It’s the holiday season. Many people are flying off for holiday.

Day’s friend also went overseas to Europe, and his friends in class knew about it.

To their Whatsapp chat group, the precocious youngster – who in real-life chatters non-stop - posted photos of himself at the airport, in the Business Class lounge, and of his passport with the SQ Business Class ticket sticking out of it.

The others exclaim: You're so lucky, you're so rich!

But Day took offence. (Day’s Whatsapps in bold)

Y u have to be a show off
Show everyone the business class tickets

Dude I not showing off I just taking picture cannot meh

OK fine it’s just that not everybody get to go on business class. And go on Singapore Airlines.

The very next Whatsapp, Day’s friend sends pictures from the plane presumably from his phone, ensconced in what looks to be a huge brown leather recliner as he feasts on what appears to be a full English breakfast on a napkin-covered table, headphones over his head and satiny blue pillow by his side.

(I have to admit I was peering over Day’s shoulder in great fascination because I have never, and probably never will, sit in any sort of Business Class myself, and I have certainly never seen a kid in Business Class)

I tell Day: I hope you will never flaunt your good fortune. But be gracious and don’t begrudge him his happiness.

And hey, there’s something to look forward to.

Someone in the Whatsapp group asks: Will you buy us souvenirs?

And the generous boy says: Ya I will buy souvenirs tmrw and I will only buy them for my friends cuz they cost a lot.

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Dee.. said...

Good advice from you. I need to remind myself to be gracious too. We can't stop people from flaunting their wealth. You are right that we have to be gracious.