Saturday, December 13, 2014

cross stitch


This was sewn by one of them. (it says LOVE only the letters are too close)

Unexpectedly, it’s the boy.

It started when Lu wanted me to teach her how to sew so she can make something pretty for me, I came home with three cross-stitch sets in the name of fairness, taught them all how to cross-stitch and they were soon merrily poking away with their needles.

For me, it was a real blast from the past because I haven't cross-stitched since Sydney. I can't do it anymore, too, because I can't see for nuts.


Lu stopped after a bit because she got tired, Jo stopped after a bit because her stitches didn’t quite look perfect enough, but Day went on. He brought his kit out with him more than once.

* Day with a smile on his face

“It keeps me from being bored,” he said. (especially when I wrest away his mobile)

Most importantly, he says he now knows how to sew buttons and name tags because the principle – of tying knot anchors and ‘drawing’ with the needle – is the same. 

And as I say to him, I have found that the ability to sew buttons, raise hems and repair tears has been far more important to me in life than Algebra.


Ondine said...

Jordan wants me to teach her the same thing. Where did you get the sets from? So that I can get one for her and stopping the nagging!

Sher said...

spotlight at plaza singapura!

BUT. i understand from some friends that spotlight is overpriced. then again, i have no idea where else to go.

francesca said...

Try chinatown golden dragon? I used to buy cross stitching magazines and got to spotlight to pick up my supplies. :)