Friday, December 19, 2014

ipoh sights


Few people stay four days in Ipoh.

We frankly didn’t mind not having anything to do.

The plan was just to wander around and chill out, really.

As it turns out, there were things to do.

There was a theme park! Run by the Sunway group (I think they do theme parks all over Malaysia), the Lost World of Tambun is set at the foot of a limestone hill and when we went, it was crowded with locals who were enjoying their school holidays.

It consisted of a bunch of lame rides, an incredible zoo with loads of exotica, a fabulous water park and an over-crowded hot spring.

* The wave pool where nearly everyone was fully clothed

* The zoo

* The forest walk 

There were the cave temples – I don’t know why all the tourist caves in Ipoh are temples – of which we only visited one. I thought it was gorgeous and the children were trying very hard to share my enthusiasm. Admission to all the cave temples is free.

* Kek Lok Tong

KK discovered a Geology museum which was quite the toe-curler for him. He took pictures of all the rocks there and spent a lot of time reading the information boards while the kids played Snakes and Ladders.


And I discovered the Ipoh murals which to me are as good as Penang’s, but no one seems to beat the gong. (there is lots of hoo-ha about Penang’s murals)



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