Monday, December 01, 2014

mosaic tribute

One of the best things which happened in our lives was when I stumbled onto their pre-school seven years ago.

Not everything I try out works. But in this case, I struck gold. The school matched our needs perfectly.

And it hasn’t changed one bit, apart from rising prices which I reckon can’t be helped in Singapore. I look back on what I wrote and everything I wrote is exactly the same, which is precious when you like the original.

The school looks almost exactly the same, the furniture is still wooden, the toys and games are still well chosen, the teachers are still likeable, the children there still talk a mile a minute, and here’s the three most important things: They never get homework or tests, the principal and some of the teachers have remained exactly the same over all these years (no small feat in the high-turnover pre-school industry) and the children are still very happy in school.

Former students have a tendency to wander in and out, content to bask in an environment where they were happy.

I admit, I too, had a tendency to just stick around, sit down and yak with the teachers or play with other children whenever I fetched the kids because it was comfortable.

So now that I have no more kids in the school, and we are saying goodbye for good, I had to say Thank You to the teachers and especially Alexis, for giving my trio a wonderful pre-school experience.

So Day, Jo and I (Lu was in school preparing for her concert) did up a mosaic at the place I did mine, two years ago.

Mosaic artist Nanette has moved her workshop, the Mosaic Workshop, to Joo Chiat, but she has since made things a lot easier. Tiles are pre-cut, saving us the hassle of having to hand-cut the tiles which is actually the hardest part.

The kids and I drew out the rainbow outline in pencil on the wooden board (rainbow because the school name's got a Rainbow in it), selected the tile colours, slathered glue on, pasted on the tiles, grouted the result and wiped it clean in six hours in one day between 10 and 4, inclusive of a lunch break.


* Nanette's work on the wall behind

* Applying glue

* The three baubles which represent Day, Jo and Lu

* Grouting with the help of Nanette's assistant, Nerissa

* Ta dah! Day, Megan (Nanette's daughter who helped with wiping clean our work), me and Jo

What better gift, than an enduring mosaic which can be hung on a wall for eternity.

KK liked it so much he suggested that we keep it instead, but the kids would have none of it.

The kids insisted on being there when I presented the teachers with the mosaic, and they were very pleased with the effusive response. I didn't take a photo then, but here's Alexis with the kids. She's been pampering them for years.



Jo said...

The mosaic piece is beautiful!

Sher said...

thanks :)