Tuesday, December 23, 2014

ok to lose

It’s OK now, the losing thing.

The sudden but sweet realization while the kids were playing Uno the other day, that both Day and Jo laugh at their losses.

Once upon a time, their faces would crumple and they’d storm off whenever they lost a game. At one point Jo would not even join for fear of losing. And for each child, both KK and I went through the paces: It’s OK to lose blah blah blah.

It could have been what we said, or it could be a natural phase which they outgrow.

Whatever the case, they seem to be somewhat over it.


To see Jo state matter-of-factly in an almost bored manner – Oh No – whenever someone else won and she still had about 20 cards in hand to get rid of, to see Day mock-shoot KK when he lost then merrily shuffle the cards for the next round.

It’s a joy.

Lulu now? She refuses to join in. Gives up, throws down her cards and storms off when she feels like she’s on the losing end.

* Lu doing something else

But now, I’m confident she will outgrow it.

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Marianna said...

Ah, so relieved to read there is hope for us parents who are still in the firing line of children who lose at such fun board games! The first time they lose, they take it cool, but any cpnsecutive time is mayhem....