Thursday, December 25, 2014

parent presents

Yeah Christmas ain’t about the presents, but it sure is cute when they get us stuff.

This year they suddenly decide it’s time again. Every few years, the notion pops into their heads to give and not just receive.

Lu stuffs $4 into her bag and Jo $2. Day didn’t bring anything but he later pays Lu her $2. On account of budget, I can only release them in Daiso, or $2 haven.

They tell me on the way home that they bought me two things – because they love me more – and papa one thing.


Home, Jo is left alone to wrap and write while her siblings merrily forget all about the packaging. Later, Lu helps with my present because, well, she loves me more right.


What is it?

A coffee cup for KK, notepad and pens for me.


Perfect. More caffeine for his work, equipment for my work.

We love you very much too, kids. Merry Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet!