Thursday, January 22, 2015

points of view

I said if he had an opinion, he should express it and stand by it.

So he did.

In defence of the hapless teacher, Day wrote in his class Whatsapp chat group:

"Can you all please at least respect XX? Don’t call her retarded or retired or other silly words. I know that she doesn’t teach very well and all but please have the decency to respect and at least pay attention. Play in class for all you want but please, please at least don’t disturb her when she’s teaching or don’t laugh at her when she does something wrong. Oh my God, she’s new. Respect her face-to-face, OK?"

In response, his friend wrote:

"She’s XX years old. I know she’s new (to our school) but shouldn’t she have some experience from her younger days? I actually don’t even know why MOE accepted her as a teacher when her teaching skills are that bad. She doesn’t respect us, wants us to respect her. I thought teachers always say – Treat the person the way you want to be treated? She doesn’t even treat us nicely. Why must it be a not experienced teacher that teaches us? We’re in a good class, we should have good teachers to teach us."

To which Day didn’t write anything, but raised an eyebrow and said, Well, he has a different opinion.


Naturefall said...

My opinion - good classes don't always get the best teachers, because the school believes that you are (1) self-motivated to learn on your own. (2) taking tuition outside of school.

Anonymous said...

Impressed with Day's maturity! :)


Sher said...

naturefall: its all luck of the draw. although from what i see, the good classes do seem to get the best teachers.

charlotte: he stands alone... his friends ask why he's on her side.

Jo said...

Such courtesy and respect and empathy from David!! Kudos to mom and dad for doing a great job :))

Sher said...

i wonder sometimes if respect and empathy is what he needs to get ahead. increasingly, it seems an old-fashioned value in a competitive society.

Jo said...

Sher, it might not what he needs to get ahead; 'ahead' as defined by career or material success. BUT they are definitely essentially for a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Anonymous said...

"I actually don’t even know why MOE accepted her as a teacher when her teaching skills are that bad."

To be honest, I wondered this many times about some of my educators (particularly those who were inept yet still demanded our respect) when I was younger. It's never an easy thing, deciding what perspective to take. Day's empathy would help in go a long way in helping him make peace with everyone.

Sher said...

jo: well. sometimes i do wonder if i'm imbuing the right values. the way we're going, they're all going to be very nice people who accept a lot of shitty things, like mum.

its the ones like his friend who complain and do something about it who will move ahead.

anon: yeah, not easy, deciding which perspective to take..