Friday, January 02, 2015

big school for lu

Nobody else cares, really - and even I get fed up of the streams of Primary 1 pictures on my Facebook feed - but for parents why is the first day of primary school such a big deal?

It’s difficult to explain the rite of passage, but for me the heart twist is in seeing my own children carrying too-big bags in their (always) too-big uniforms; the exact same uniforms which gangly pimply teens-to-be in the same school are wearing and you can see where they will be going (urgh).


It’s the road toward the loss of innocence (and cuteness).

Lu, my last little one, is besieged with worry the night before school starts. She tosses and turns in bed for an hour or two, meekly wandering out every 10 minutes to ask me if she will be alright. “Will I make friends? What if the teacher scolds me? What if I want to pee?” She really doesn’t want to go to Big school.

But she gets a good start. Jo is the ultimate Mother Hen (thank God for Jo). She fusses over Lu, ties her hair, helps her with her uniform, socks and shoes, reminds her to brush her teeth. Me? I am busy preparing not one, but two lunch boxes.

* The owl and the octopus, holding hands everywhere

At the end of the day, everyone asks Lu the same question: How was school? Was it exciting?

It’s just the first day, after all.

But she emerges with a big smile on her face and a new friend. Her hair is also dreadfully messy.

(Next three photos are by my fellow parent volunteer, Alvin Lee)

* I'm now totally free! (in the morning)

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