Monday, January 26, 2015

drinking “beer”


Finally, I got it.

I had been looking to buy a beer tower for three years.

It suddenly popped into my head sometime in 2012 (when I went to a brewery and spotted one which was unfortunately not for sale) that a beer tower is the perfect water dispenser for our family.

Because one, they kids don’t drink much water and I thought part of that was because they could not be bothered to lift up a heavy water jug and pour their own water. It’s easy and kind of fun to switch a lever with a tiger on it.

Two, because the beer tower holds so much, it means I don’t have to fill it up with water that often. (it used to be that the water jug was empty half the day as nobody bothered to fill it )

Three, a beer tower looks nice and it’s kind of cool.

I couldn’t find one.

It wasn’t the sort of thing I was actively looking for because it’s not urgent and it can’t be bought in a normal mall.

As far as I know, I was told a beer brewery (out in Tuas) sells it, but I wasn’t going to go all the way there.

Then, when we went to Ipoh, I saw a Carlsberg one in my cousin’s house. I said - Wah! Where did you this? I’ve been looking for one for years! – and he said, Oh, I have two spare ones. You want?

So now we have it. It’s life-changing. Everybody likes getting the water. It even came with a central "tube" for ice which fixes to the top, meant to cool the beer without diluting it, but I didn't need that.


And because its plastic, its so light and easy to handle. (No, I still don't know where to buy one)



Anonymous said...

so jealous. had been looking for one too!

Sher said...

really very hard to find. think my cousin was given his, like a corporate gift from business associates.

Anonymous said...

At home, we use a stainless steel / aluminum 10l dispenser - very convenient because there's no need to keep refilling - just empty 1 kettle's worth of boiled water into the canister every morning.

For myself, I have a 1l waterbottle - also very convenient - fill and empty it twice a day and voila, sufficient water to keep myself lubricated.