Wednesday, January 14, 2015

in style


Farewell, cartoon T-shirts, singlets, shorts and slippers.

The boy has a definite sense of style these days.

He will only put his head through a polo or logo-less T (plenty of cheap ones at Giant, thank goodness for this particular sartorial choice), and his feet through berms or long pants.

And he will only wears loafers, not toe-baring slippers.

Sometimes, he slips on a rainbow loom band around his ankle.

Just the other day, he had his eye on a straw fedora, but his desperation to have it was curtailed by KK who insisted that he should be wearing baseball hats to be ‘sporty’ and not be a Mraz-wannabe.

* Jason Mraz in a straw fedora

To me, he's still a little boy. Who once upon a time wore pink shoes and pink shirts.

(Now aged 10, he is horrified beyond belief at how far I went in trying to make the point that boys can wear any colour and no, he won't go near pink today).



Dee.. said...

he is really different compared to the pink shoes post. I didn't follow you so far before. how different and chubbier he looked. this is a good blog of your memories for them.

Sher said...

they do grow, don't they? its been 10 years!

Sher said...

and on that note, he IS the household roach killer now. KK summons him and Day will spray it to death.