Friday, January 16, 2015

jo in p3

She is in august company this year.

The rambunctious, noisy and playful classmates have all gone. Surrounding her are a bunch of kids who I gather are very much like her: Obedient, well-behaved and perfectionist.

Her seat mate has been an exemplary influence. Named after a Roman gladiator, the pint-sized fellow is an academic commander and freely coaches Jody on how to do her work. She copies him, sometimes. He blithely tells her he’s not going for the school’s enrichment class because he has Mindstretcher classes in English, Maths, Science and Tuition.

(Mindstretcher is some sort of elite tuition agency)

This is news to Jo, who never imagined that there are children who get extra goodies after school.

She comes home and asks, eyes wide: Can I have tuition in English, Maths and Science too? (NO WAY, Girl)

He takes down notes in class university lecture style, and so Jo has taken it upon herself to do the same.

* Her notes book

In addition – and this has nothing to do with her classmates – she wakes up 10 minutes every morning before I do, making her the first person in the house to get out of bed.

She is the only child of mine who has successfully kept to the ‘wake-myself-up-with-alarm-clock’ philosophy, and she is always up at 620am because she knows that unlike her throw-and-go siblings, she takes a long time to get ready.

At 630 when I stagger into the kitchen after cursorily shaking Day and Lu up, she is already finishing her sandwich.

It’s nice to say this: She is much better than me, in every way. It wasn’t until I was a mother that I developed an iota of discipline.


Jo said...

Ooooh, so neat, her notes. I have never ever woken up with the alarm on first ring, ever, without moaning as if the world has ended. So I am extremely impressed with her discipline!!!

Jo said...

WAAAAAh. This is the making of a President's scholar type material, yo. I look forward to see watch Miz Jody becomes as an adult.

Sher said...

jo tan: she's neat in everything and i, too, am quite surprised at how she jumps up in the morning.

jo: well, i wldnt go so far! but its always interesting to see how every child turns out as adults.

likethisvmuch said...

I'm so interested of what will become of her! All the best to her!

Anonymous said...

Neat handwriting...